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Nest Thermostat Dealer

Nest Thermostat DealerYour Thermostat controls about 50% of your energy bill.

In most homes, thermostats are just a beige box on a wall that reads a temperature. Whether the thermostat is programmed to be manual or automatic, we always get up and walk over to change the temperature. Mostly, this is done everyday, every few hours, and about 1,500 times a year. However, many people do not know that 10% of U.S energy are structured to be controlled by thermostats. This is the equivalence of 1.7 billion oil barrels per year.

Everyday, we find ourselves setting the thermostat to our liking. We don't set it too high or too low. Although, we try our best to save energy, we forget that this method can have an impact on energy and our pockets. Once the energy bill arrives, we end up paying more than we expect.


Nest Thermostat improves with time.

Forget about the traditional way of adjusting the thermostat. No more programming or consistent temperature adjustment. The Nest™ Learning Thermostat™ programs to keep you comfortable and save energy in a week. The Nest will do what you tell it. So, it is important to  teach it energy saving habits, such as adjusting the temperature at night or when you leave the house and not turning the temperature too  high or too low.

Watch your energy use

The energy saving features are similar to Auto-Away™ and the energy history will appear as Nest learns.

Auto-Away saves you energy by automatically adjusting the heating and cooling when no one is home, while, energy history displays the amount of energy you’ve used daily.

Nest Knows You

By this time, a schedule should be available with he Nest Thermostat. And its ok if you throw the Nest  temperature off a few times. The incredible thermostat will allow you to change the temperature for a couple of days in a row, and it will rapidly catch up to be right on schedule. For instance, if you lower the temperature of the thermostat for two Mondays in a row, the Nest will adjust for next week's temperature schedule.

After a week, you'll have a personalized schedule.

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